Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pattern testing-Castle Applique by FABulous Home Sewn

One of the fun things I've recently discovered on Facebook are groups for crafters, like the one I mentioned last week and one for Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop.  I've been able to connect with SO many crafty people and have really gotten my creative juices flowing, I'm trying not to join TOO many, as I find myself spending too much time chatting and seeing things other people are making rather than actually making things myself, BUT the few I'm in are seriously awesome. A few weeks ago, Fenna of FABulous Home Sewn asked in one of the groups if a few people would be willing to test out her first applique pattern that she was releasing! I was so excited to get to help-I have a strange liking for applique, and anytime I can try out something new instead of doing what I'm supposed to be doing I'm totally game ;-)  She created two different castle applique designs, aren't they cute?? 

Photo by FABulous Home Sewn
I decided to try mine out on a baby bodysuit to be given as a gift for a friend who just had a little boy.  It turned out great! Her tutorial was easy to follow and had some great pictures to help you along the way.  I feel silly that I never got to take any decent photos, we had crummy weather for a few days so this shot in my foyer was the best I could get (please excuse the tiny feet). Maybe once the recipient can fit into this I can get a cute picture of him in it to show it off better :)

The only thing I wish I'd done differently was to put stabilizer on the backside of the bodysuit, it wound up a bit wavy without it, but I was being a slacker so I skipped that step...shame on me!

Head on over to Fenna's blog post about it to see some other pictures from the other testers. I LOVE the tote bag version! If you want to pick this pattern up for yourself, she has it for sale at Craftsy, here


Friday, March 21, 2014

Things are gonna change, I can feel it!

So here I am again! And I really think I'm back for good this time-I mean it! Last we talked I was starting up my Etsy Shop, and boy has that kept me busy.  I've been having SO much fun, but it's definitely been a learning curve trying to figure out how to balance making things for the shop, feeding my family, keeping the house somewhat in order and occasionally showering.  I've finally figured out a good system and am feeling MUCH better about the whole thing.

I can't believe it, but my little is going to be 20 months next week, it seriously has been flying by, but she is at a super fun stage right now. I love watching her try to figure out the world, learning new things every day, and she's completely silly, keeping me laughing ALL day.

Here she is hamming it up for the camera at one of our last photo shoots. Adorbs.

I've also recently found a REALLY great group on Facebook for crafty bloggers, it was started up by the amazing Stephanie of Swoodson Says. I can't tell you how many awesome bloggers are in the group-but they are ridiculously inspiring.  We've got a bunch of fun stuff going on in the group, including a mystery challenge sew along that is getting started now that I'm really excited about.  I'm learning so much from these ladies, I'm so grateful that I found this group!

Anyway, lots to talk about later! What have you all been up to??