Wednesday, April 16, 2014

30 is the new 20

2 weeks ago, I turned the big 3-0.  It is an odd transition for some reason, but a good one! One thing is for sure, I started this new year off feeling SO very blessed.  On the actual day of my birthday, my parents came up to visit as well as my husband's grandmother, and we all spent the day together and went out to lunch. It was perfect! That night, hubby's grandmom stayed with our daughter so we could go out.  We originally had plans to go to a certain restaurant but we found out a week before that they had just closed (still so mad about that!) so we were back to the drawing board.  We wound up with a last minute decision to go bowling, and it was amazingly fun!
Last minute bowling = last minute sock purchase

Birthday bowling selfie with the hubs 
A few of my family members got together to get me a new serger for my birthday.  A few months ago, I borrowed my mother-in-law's super old Kenmore serger to see if I really wanted one.  It has worked great and I've used it a lot more than I thought but I wanted something of my own, so they got me the Brother DZ1234 and I LOVE it.  

It's so shiny!
I haven't re-threaded it yet and have just been using the thread it came loaded with from the factory (cause I really wanted to just use it and I'm impatient like that) so I'll get back to you on how that goes, but everything else is great. I've been using it to try some new things, including the blind hem on my daughter's Easter dress and I used it to gather the skirt as well.  It also has this awesome gathering foot that gathers AND attaches at the same time, which I used for the chambray dress I also talked about in my previous post. 

I've still got to play around to figure out what settings to use for different ruffle ratios, but holy time saver, batman! I really want to take a class now on serging to see what else this puppy can do. 

Just when I thought my birthday couldn't get any better, the Saturday after my birthday my husband insisted on taking me out to a local craft fair.  We had a fun morning, but when we got home there were about 20 cars in our yard...turns out my husband also threw me a surprise party! He did such an amazing job, he got family, my best friends, friends from my mom's group, friends from his work and friends from church, pretty much all my favorite people, ALL to come.  I walked in and immediately started crying (and I'm actually tearing up just writing about it). Seriously, I could not have asked for a better group of people to call my friends and family, and to have them all there meant the world to me. To top it all off, he booked us a CRUISE! I've only been on one cruise before and it was with my besties right after college graduation. I've been telling him for years now that one day I want to go on another-so it's finally happening! We go the last week of April and I can't wait. 

So far 30 is pretty awesome...I told my husband he did too much in one year and he's going to have a hard time EVER topping it! I'm so very thankful for all the wonderful friends and family I have, especially the hubs who thought of everything to make my birthday perfect :) 

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  1. What an amazing husband you have!!!! Sounds like a perfect birthday too. Wow. 30 is pretty awesome!!! Enjoy the cruise. So much good stuff!! The serger looks handy. You are a really good dress maker!! Happy happy birthday!