Monday, November 18, 2013

Announcing Grasshopper Lane Boutique!

Hey all, me again! Yeah I know, it's been pretty silent around here again, but for good reason! Remember when I mentioned that I had a few ideas up my sleeve? Well, it's finally become a reality so now I can tell you about it! I was having so much fun making dresses for my little girl but was running out of closet space for her, so I decided to open an Etsy shop so I can have an excuse to keep making them :)

My husband is friends with a guy at work who is a graphic design whiz and was kind enough to come up with a logo for me for the low low price or a batch of cookies, how cute??

Here is just a peak at two of the dresses I currently have listed, I have a super cute model ;-)

I'd say things are still under construction in the shop as I am figuring out better ways to photograph my products and what kinds of products to stock, but hopefully it'll come together soon and I start getting some sales. Please stop on by and let me know what you think, and if you are on Facebook, I'd love it if you "Liked" my page there, too!

So, what kind of fabrics and styles do you think I should try to stock? Any tips from those of who of have a shop of your own? 

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