Thursday, October 27, 2011

No more crafting until you finish your...crafts?

WWMy craft room basically looks like a tornado blew through...Projects tossed on every visible surface, scraps strewn about...its a disaster! Because of this, I am grounding more starting new projects, no more trips to the fabric store to oodle new fabrics, no more conjuring up new ideas, until THESE projects are done and I can safely maneuver around my sewing table again. Here are my goals for the weekend:

1) Finish the fall table runner

I didn't get to finish it in time for entry into last month's Celebrate Color (see last post), so it's going to have to be entered next month instead, but I would still like to get it done SOON so I can actually put it out and enjoy it this year.  I've made alot of progress since the last time I showed a picture of it; everything is all pieced, squared off and I ironed on some lining to give it a little structure, all that's left is to bind and top stitch.

2) Finish that darn wreath.

Yes, it is still perched in front of my fire place, which admittedly I do enjoy, but it's supposed to go on the door! I need to find a way to stabilize it (I used pipe insulation as the core, and the flowers are weighing it down when I try to hang it, so it turns out kind of oblong...) I have a few thoughts, it's just a matter of DOING IT!

3) Finish this purse

Ok, so I haven't mentioned this one yet. I started it probably around a month ago and then got so excited about fall projects that I put it aside. But its so cute! And all needs to be done is sew the lining and outer bag together and top stitch. Should be done in a snap.

4) Complete up to at least week 3 of the Advent Calendar

I'm pretty far behind in this (in fact, I'm not even posting a picture of it because it hasn't changed since the last one I took) so I'm not expecting to totally finish, but I'd like to make a litle progress on this.

I think these are pretty reasonable goals for the next few days...right?? As motivation, I've laid out this little number here:

This is part of the super fun fall decor project I mentioned before and I'm so excited to start.  Hopefully, not being able to start it 'til I'm finished with my other stuff will be motivation enough to get it all done. And if that doesn't get me goin, there's a sale at the local fabric shop that I always find GREAT stuff at, which, due to my aforementioned rules, I cannot go to if I don't get this stuff done...if that's not motivation, I don't know what is!


  1. I am working on a table runner this weekend too! I hope we both are able to finish (although I haven't started because I can't decide on fabric. Things for yourself are the decisions I always struggle with).. Cute purse too!

  2. Hi Jessica! Thanks for stopping by my blog and your very kind words! looking forward to seeing your finished projects! You can do it!! :) Jodi from Tickle & Hide. x