Thursday, November 3, 2011

Finally some finished projects!

Alright, so I've had some success along with some failures lately...The good news is, I finished alot of stuff that I wanted to get done:

The wreath made it on the door

The purse is complete

for the inside I decided to use some left over strips that I had pieced together to make this pillow, I loved all the fabrics and just couldn't bare wasting all of these strips

The St. Francis constume was a huge hit! Don't these two look great??

And the table runner is *finally* complete
Fall table runner

Now about that table runner...I plan to do a more detailed post about it later so I can enter into Celebrate Color, but let's just say, things did NOT go according to plan on that one.

I ended up cheating last weekend and went to the sale, but really it was because I didn't have enough fabric to do the binding on the table runner so I had to find some more. (I also happened to find some YUMMY fabric to make a gift for my friend, and some cute fat quarters that who knows what I'll do with..but I love fat quarters and I think you can never go wrong with them, plus, hello, they were on sale! Totally justified...) At one point I got really frustrated with the table runner, so I decided I needed to work on something else for a little while, (cutting fabric can be so therapeutic, wouldn't you say?), So I got started on this:

The next fall decor project I've been hinting at is finally started!! Isn't he cute??

I've got to applique him onto some background fabric, and I'm going to try my hand at free-motion quilting to write something on the top of it. I will quilt it and it will end up being a wall hanging quilt. I have high hopes for this one! We are going out of town for the weekend so I will not get anything done for a few days, but the following weekend is a 3-day weekend so I plan to sew-sew-sew!! :)

Happy crafting everyone!!

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  1. Your front door looks so nice with the new wreath! The bag is terrific! Looks impeccable and so professional! And this turkey is so adorable!!! The little top hat is the best part! So excited for you to have gotten so many projects completed!!!