Saturday, January 7, 2012

Big Reveal (and why I've been a slacker)

Well, Happy New Year everyone!! It's been quite some time, but I'm back from my hiatus with a big reveal!

Look Mom, it's a frog! It's an alien gummy bear! No, it's a baby!  We found out we were expecting our first baby just about 2 weeks before Christmas, I was about 6 weeks along when we found out.  With that came the "morning" (should be called 24-7) sickness and tiredness...Most of December for me was spent sitting on the couch, not feeling like doing much of anything.  Because of this, I really did not get a whole lot done the past few weeks, and unfortunately had to give a few people some "IOU's" for Christmas! Oh well, once we told them the news they were excited and understanding. At first I was pretty upset I couldn't get up the energy to finish things, but realized I really just needed to rest and not let myself get stressed out.

I am almost 10 weeks now and starting to feel a little more human again, so I am trying to get back to my sewing (and cleaning...but where's the fun in that??) but am having to slowly work my way out of my rut.  I know I have quite a few projects left to finish, but I need something quick and small to get me back in.  My group for do. Good Stitches starts this month, so today I went out to my LQS and picked up a few fat quarters/fat eigths and will do those blocks tomorrow. I'm hoping this gives me the kick I need to get back into the swing of things! I also ordered some fabrics on-line the other night (a first for me!) and signed up for a class (another first!), but I'll share more about that later, for now, its nap time! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

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  1. OH MY GOSH!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am so so so so so so so excited for you! What terrific news. Wow. There are not the right words to express how thrilled I am for you. What a blessing and great first picture! Here is hoping your feeling better soon. If you feel tired - SLEEP - it is what your body is asking you to do. I mean, it is creating another life inside of you - that makes me tired just thinking of it! :) Wishing a lot of happiness to the new Momma! Happy New Year to you!