Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Before and After

For Christmas this year (er...last year I guess?) I got a lot of fun sewing goodies, including new a quilting table.  In case you missed this post, here is a reminder of how terribly messy and non-sewing friendly my "craft room" was. 

Disaster area 1

Disaster area 2

This room did not start off as a craft room.  It actually started off as my husband's office where all of his computer stuff was set up, along with our printers and other random "guy" stuff.  When I first started sewing, I set up my machine on my little desk that I had in the guest room-not a whole lot of space but it worked at first.  A few months after working in there, my dear hubby suggested that I move my desk into the office since he has a laptop and doesn't use the room that much anyway and that way I'd have a little more room to work...little did he know this was the beginning of the end of his "office"! I slowly but surely took over most space in that room, including the computer hutch which was not at all functional for cutting fabric on (anything bigger than a fat quarter was usually cut on the ground...).  Though inefficient and cramped and at times frustrating, it's what we had and I made it work.  Well for Christmas, my grandmother-in-law, mother-in-law and hubby went in together and got me a giant quilting table!

Christmas Loot
This photo shows some of the loot I got for Chrimas also, but more on that later.  Check out the size of this table! No more cutting on the floor for me...that blue cutting mat is 36" x 24" and as you can see it doesn't fill up the full table.  The table also opens up and has a little table top meant to put a serger on, but since I do not have a serger I will probably use it to put patterns and such on to easily see while I'm cutting and pinning.
New Quilting Table!

When I got this it was in a great big box and still needed to be assembled.  Unfortunately, I had to go back to work the week after Christmas, so I was bummed that I was going to have to wait until the weekend to put it in action.  Happily, my husband still was off work, and I came home that Tuesday surprised to find that he had spent the whole day building it, dismantling the horrible hutch and removing it from the house, and cleaning and straightening up the room.  I love that man! Later, he also helped me hang my thread holder on the wall so it wouldn't take up space on the desk and he also added a shelf to the wall (made with wood from the dismantled hutch!)

Improved sewing area

Improved sewing area

I clearly have not finished organizing takes me some time to settle in and "nest" in a new area, but it's coming along and I'm loving working in there now! Also, I have to add to please ignore the awful colors in that room.  The people before us for some reason thought it was a good idea to paint two of the walls purple and two of the walls green...oh, and the ceiling is green! We've been here over 2 years now but have been too lazy busy with other projects to repaint. 

Also for Christmas as seen in that photo, I got some new books, the cutting mat, a mini-iron, new rotary blades and a new die for my AccuQuilt Go!Baby cutter.  I actually got a mini-iron from both my parents and my husband, so the day after Christmas my mom and I went to the craft store to return one and I got a great big ruler and the gripper for it which is great! 

I finally got back to sewing the other day and started making my bee blocks for this month.  I am almost finished with them and once I can get some photos I'll share those.  Also, my fabric that I ordered comes in tomorrow, woohoo! Is it weird that I'm litterally giddy about getting a package of fabric?? *sigh* feels good to be getting back in the groove :)

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