Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Fabric = Love

I am giddy as a school girl...why? Because I just got my first package of fabric in the mail! Man I tell you this may have created a monster...there's so many great fabric shops out there with so many pretty things and it's SO easy...uh oh, someone better cut me off from the interwebs...

This all started while I was over at Stitched in Color and Rachel so non-chalantly mentioned that if your stash was needing solids, than the Baby Bottled Rainbow Bundle at Marmalad Fabrics was just the fix.  Turns out, I *was* in desperate need of some solids, so I popped on over and immediately saw the bundle had to be mine.  This bundle of Kona Solids was put together for this shop on Rachel's suggestion, and there are two versions.  I have never gotten to use Kona Solids but I always love the richness of the colors and have heard great things, so I was pretty pumped about this.  While I was there, I hit up the sale section and grabbed a couple of fat quarters and headed to check out.  As I was looking at shipping costs, I realized that I could either pay $10 for shipping, or spend $10 more to reach the free shipping yeah that's kind of a no brainer! It took me forever to narrow down my selections, and man was it a hard choice.  I almost wound up with about twice as much as I got, but I had to cut myself off and I LOVE the choices I made.

Kona Baby Bottled Rainbow Bundle (they came labeled with the color name on it...isn't that great??)

Ty Pennington's Impression-Water Flowers, Khristian A. Howell's Theory-Sierra Leaf and Forrest Wheels

Fun fabrics
Joel Dewberry's Aviary 2- Sparrows, Ty Pennington's Impressions-Kimono Spice, Foliage and Lace

I had no idea that Ty Pennington actually had a line of fabric out, and actually I didn't even know it was his when I ordered and just noticed as I was organizing my photos, but bravo, Ty! I'm diggin it. I love that even though these are from 3 separate lines, I can mix and match them together.  I'm dying to cut into them, but they're being saved for the e-course that I signed up to take which is the Curves Class taught by none other than Rachel at Stitched in Color (yeah, I've gotten into a lot of trouble over at her blog lately...but I adore her so it's okay!)

So, do you shop for fabric online, or do you prefer to see it in person first? And where are your favorite online places to shop for fabric? 


  1. I shop mainly at for big orders [its true that they arent nearly as neat and customer service oriented as small shops, but I can't beat the prices and coupons as a poor quilter] and then I've also had several fantastic orders on Etsy with Sew Fresh Fabrics and The Fabric Shoppe [they have phenomenal scrap bags, which I get so I can have a great mixture of things without having to fork over lots of money] and Pink Castle Fabrics.
    And yes, shopping online for fabric is so dangerous, especially when you check out with Paypal, since then you don't even need to enter your info! :)

  2. I do prefer to see fabric in person at my local quilt store but when I am hunting something specific I head to etsy or I have found that color matching is always easier in person but online fabric shops are filled with great things. I am tempted to do some online shopping now after looking at your pretty new fabrics... Fun!