Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy as a hipster llama...

I just completed my first swaps, and couldn't be more happy with what I got in return! Firstly, I had my mini swap with Rebecca...She made me a mini-quilt, and holy cow llama did she out-do herself!! When she first posted that she had gotten this llama fabric, I told her how much I LOVED it and she decided to incorporate it into my mini, and she did such an awesome job. I am in awe of not only her sewing skills, but her design skills as well! (Prepare for picture overload, because I am that much in love with this mini)

Amazing mini!

I've decided to name him Ferdinand...I had a few names in mind and this one was recommended by Rebecca as well, after sitting with him for a little while, I definitely think it fits. 

Ferdinand in his new home

Um...so I apologize for the terribly out of focus picture...but here's Ferdinand in his new home

Ferdinand the llama Llama hats!  

Hipster Ferdinand and his hipster hats....

Love the quilting...

The backing is very pretty also, I love the design the quilting made on the back.  

Fun Fabrics

To top off this already awesome package, she also sent me some pretty fabric to make something for my soon-to-be-born baby girl, how sweet was that?  Can't wait to come up with something for her :-) If you want to read about her design process, check out her blog about it here

I also received my gift from the Modern She Made Swap, my first "official" swap.  I received this amazing bag from Karen at Sew Well Maide, how lucky am I?! She totally nailed my tastes and did such a great job on the bag. It seriously looks so professionally made, and she designed the pattern herself!! I had expressed that I wanted a tote bag to carry my embroidery stuff, and this bag totally fits the bill.


I LOVE the fabric choices she made for this, totally me!! 


And check out all these great extras she threw in...a cute little matching needle book, some embroidery thread and an Amy Butler charm pack...can I just tell you how I've always wanted to get my hands on some Amy Butler fabric because I think it's so pretty, but have never been able to bring myself to do it?  It's like she read my mind!


Here it is already loaded with some stuff...check out all the room in there! That's a 12 inch hoop and it looks small in there compared to how roomy the bag is.  There are lots of great pockets and dividers also, it's very well thought out.  

Once Rebecca has received her pouch I will share that (I'm a slacker and got it out a little late...), I had my doubts in the process of making it, but really like how it turned out.

Now, a question for all you wise quilty-types....do you pre-wash pre-cuts like you would normal yardage?? I have this charm pack now, and also a jelly roll I bought a while back, and I'm afraid to wash them and ruin them! So any advice would be much appreciated :-)


  1. Looks good in your sewing room! [Ps, love the llama jokes bahaha].
    And I totally meant to comment in Flickr on your swap bag...its AWESOME! Totally jealous. I hope now you're a lover of the swaps :)

    Oh, and I don't prewash any of my fabric, so I wouldn't wash the charms. I've never had a problem with bleeding colors, even with reds.

  2. I love Ferdinand and the cute Mini you lucky girl! The colors are great and agree that the quilting is fun. Your sewing room looks like a motivational place to create! The handmade bag is also completely adorable! I wish I had any time to take on swaps but I am feeling that I barely have time to breathe anymore. I don't prewash unless the colors are very dark (just washed that black fabric I am using as a background for the star quilt) or really cheap fabric. High quality fabric I have NEVER had a problem with and wouldn't try washing little cuts like that, just me though. Can't wait to see what you will make!!